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About Us


Your new favourite in town

The New Yorker Cafe draws inspiration from some of the best cafés in the world, serving hearty and authentic food. Our Founder, Chef Shubhansh, a local boy with global ambitions always wanted to do something for the city of Jabalpur, where he was born and brought up.

Realizing there is no right time to take his leap of faith, he finally decided to quit his dream job at Intercontinental Hotels Group and came home with a vision, to make Jabalpur fall in love with international cuisine.

Opened in August, 2019. The cafe went through major structural and philosophical changes to stay relevant in the changing times, especially in the era of Covid-19. We never compromised on the safety of our guests and our team, both of whom are equally important to us.

Subtracting the 5 odd months of lockdown and restrictions, we have been able to capture the imagination of our customers and the people in general. We have promoted the spoken word in the form of various Open Mics and have always supported Jabalpur's performers.

In the coming times, The New Yorker Cafe will continue to introduce new and exciting dishes from all over the world to this city, like our blockbuster Ramen!

We follow strict principles when it comes to doing business. We believe that our food and menu is well researched and almost perfect, unless we commit am honest mistake, being humans, we always stand by what we prepare.

We don't bother about money, we care more about what we are selling, than how much. Our happiness is derived more from the satisfaction you get from our food, than the money you pay for it.

So sit back, relax, enjoy the music, while we get the best food you have eaten. For we are and always will be #happytofeed

Cook it simple, silly!

IN my own words

"I have always looked up to people whose struggles defined their successes. From Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to Chef Gordon Ramsey, their stories inspire me to not give up and continue to do what I love. When it comes to food and how it impacts our society, I take great inspiration from Chef Massimo Bottura. I truly believe in the ancient Indian philosophy of the world being a single family. In my mind, this translates to food being a major unifying factor."

The Origin Story of

Chef Shubhansh

To say that this man is of many talents, would be a gross understatement. Self described by himself, this Cook, Guitarist, Storyteller and Dreamer has been a trailblazer in many ways.

Coming from the strong pedigree of IHM Mumbai, the best hotel management school in India, working in two of the biggest Hotel companies on the planet, Shubhansh already has quite a few feathers on his hat. His career started as an apprentice and intern at JW Marriott Mumbai Sahar, following which he was placed as an operations trainee at Intercontinental Hotels Group and its hotel called Crowne Plaza in Ahmedabad.

His mentors describe him as someone who refuses to get tired, instinctive, with a Charisma that screams about how confidently his cooks and represents his food. At the young age of 22, he got the opportunity to lead his Hotel's Italian Speciality Kitchen. Despite having a lifelong love of Indian cuisine, he chose international cuisine to learn more about food cultures across the world.

He was part of the team that catered to the Diplomatic Indo-Japan summit of 2017 held in Ahmedabad. He cooked for the Adani family multiple times, Mr. Adani personally thanked him for the food he cooked at his residence.

His vision and philosophy that "Food is the single most unifying aspect of humanity" speaks volumes about his passions as a Chef. He quit his dream Job and returned to Jabalpur to make a mark and change the way Jabalpur approached food.

His electrifying persona and positive attitude has won the hearts of his customers many times. In the short span of less than 2 years, his efforts turned The New Yorker Café into the best food experience in Jabalpur, even attracting food lovers from other cities.

You will always find him at the cafe. Eager to make the best dish you have ever eaten. In his opinion, simplicity in cooking with excellent produce gives the best dishes ever.


Cooking Process

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The New Yorker Café
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